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2011 International Automotive Weathering Technology Symposium

2011 International Automotive Weathering Technology Symposium

Organizer:Q-Lab Corporation

H.J.Unkel LTD.

Co-organizer:Chongqing 59 Institute

Xiangfan China auto testing institute centre

SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd.

Supporter::China Auto Industry Institute Relative Branch

China Auto standardization committee-nonmetal Branch

Meeting Fee:¥800 before 30th Aug. 2011;

¥1200 after 01st Sep. 2011

Meeting Time: 15th Sep.

Hotel Address: No.7 Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai

Hotel Expense (self-care): Ruifeng hotel, reference price is 450RMB/night (including breakfast)

Hotel Nearby (self-care): GreenTree Inn Chain, reference price is239RMB/night (without breakfast)

Hotel Address: No.92 Dapu Road, Shanghai

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Q-Lab Corporation has been a leader in light stability & weathering test equipment and outdoor test services over the years. Following the successful 2006, 2007 and 2009 International Automotive Weathering Technology Symposiums, Q-Lab will be holding the 2011 Shanghai International Automotive Weathering Technology Symposium again this year. Along with the symposium will be the Auto Testing Expo and GB weathering standard committee meeting.


The project of creating a China GB standard on automotive interior and exterior weathering started in 2009. Twenty organizations and companies including OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2 suppliers and Testing Labs cooperated closely, spending two years and more than RMB20 million on this project. The new standards and a comparative testing study will be discussed in detail at the symposium.Experts from OEMs, testing labs, and material suppliers will also discuss the latest weathering requirements, testing techniques, and achievements in material durability improvement.


► Learn the technological background and contents of the new auto GB China standard on weathering

► Share the achievements of the China auto standard research project

► Discover the latest developments in weathering

► have the opportunity to discuss it all with 200 experts from the auto industry

Speakers (in no particular order)

► Liping Chen · Secretary General · China Auto Standardization Committee Nonmetal Branch

Topic: Introduction for China auto nonmetal standard decision (Keynote Speech)

► Lizhi Liu · Director · Xiangfan China Auto Testing Institute Centre

Topic: China standard draft & main achievement on new internal and external accessories

China standard draft had been finished after two years effort, the main achievement includes:

1) First contrast between internal and external material.

2) First comprehensive study on international main test ways in order to find out advanced test ways that much more suitable for weather condition in China.

3) Finish the draft for Q-SUN, QUV China auto weathering standard refer to international advanced auto weathering test ways.

► Xinglei Sun · Engineer · Q-Lab China

Topic: Study on correlation between outdoor weathering exposures in NanHai & DunHuang China and QUV, Q-SUN laboratory accelerated test way

Now, the accelerated lab test ways that mainframe factory work with is mostly from abroad which is not related with weather condition in China. This contrast test from China standard analyzed the correlation between 15 laboratory accelerated weathering test with more than 40 kinds of auto external coating & 45 kinds of auto internal plastic and outdoor weathering exposures in NanHai & DunHuang China. We got the good laboratory accelerated test circle that has good correlation with outdoor weathering exposures, which has been also included in auto Q-SUN, QUV China standard.

► Xiaohan Huang · Material Engineer · Pan Asia Technical Automotive Centre Co., Ltd

Topic:Now days more and more people concern the sticky character for auto internal accessories material, through the BASF, PRET and Q-Lab cooperative study, we found the sticky character reason and we confirmed the evaluation way and experimental condition.

► Naixin Wang · Senior Engineer · Volkswagen Automobile Co. Ltd.- Materials Technology Centre in Changchun

Topic:Study on relationship between testing for auto coating UV penetration rate and weathering

Testing for auto coating UV penetration rate is applied for finish coating UV fence performance evaluation. We study a new way that through single thick film measure to calculate UV penetration rate for difference thick film, then provide suggestion for product UV penetration rate, and validate it through series of sample weathering testing.

► Huaze Li · China Weathering Test & Research(CWTR)

Topic:Study on Material Degradation Micro-analysis Ways

After material degradation, if we can do micro- spectrum analysis for material molecular chain change, except luster, color, visual measurement etc. appearance analysis, we can find out the reason for degradation, and provide suggestion to improve material formula.

► Zheng Chen · Engineer · Chery Auto

Topic:analyze on auto inside & outside accessories material weathering testing

Weathering, light stability is one of auto inside & outside accessories material basic characters. There are many kinds of material for auto inside & outside accessories, the weathering performance is different. This lecture will analyze on the common weathering question for auto material, also will introduce relative weathering ways.

► Lijun Xu · BASF

Topic:Stability on auto PP/TPO material

Extend PP/TPO material durability, meanwhile, it will also meet the requirement for low-volatilization and non- sticky characters. It is very import to use the right plastic additives. We will discuss the additives choose and the mutual impact.

► ***(TBD)· Hainan Torrid Zone Auto Testing Co. Ltd., (Primitive Name “Hainan Auto Testing Institute”)

Topic:Auto nonmetal material atmosphere weathering testing way research

The article discussed the significance for atmosphere cycle weathering exposure testing on auto products; the weathering mode and testing status after experienced atmosphere environment factor. The article mentioned the question we should consider when met working-out auto nonmetal material and outdoor atmosphere exposure testing ways: exposure testing condition, sample, testing deadline, testing time, testing cycle, testing attentions and result assess.

► Ron Roberts · Vice President of Sales · Q-Lab Corporation

Topic: Accelerated Weathering Testing: A New Approach to Anticipating Florida Exposure Results

A new accelerated weathering protocol has been developed that significantly improves the correlation between observed failure in Florida exposure and accelerated weathering. Multiple paint systems were exposed in south Florida, and in both rotating drum and flat array accelerated weathering devices. Degradation was followed by measuring chemical composition changes via FTIR spectroscopy, UV spectroscopy, gloss loss, and color change. Delamination, cracking, gloss loss, color change, and blistering failures were correctly reproduced by the new protocol.

The duration of the water exposure cycles in the new protocol were based on measured time of wetness and actual water adsorption of panels exposed in Florida. Newly developed optical filters demonstrated an improved match between the spectral power distribution (SPD) of the light sources in the accelerated weathering devices and terrestrial radiation, which lead to an improved match between the type of chemical composition changes observed after Florida and accelerated exposure. Reproduction of the common failure modes was shown to only be possible if water uptake by the paint system approached saturation during some of the wet cycles, and the SPD of the radiation in the accelerated test matched that found during natural exposure.

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